Look up: Look up the person to get the phone number to call and send your voice to that site.
Note - some may be private numbers not publicly available.
Leave a Message: You can leave a message if the line is busy and it will be played as soon as available. A message can be scheduled for delivery at a later date or time, or at some frequency such as on an anniversary, or every Sunday morning.
Search for a Prayer or other spoken tribute: Prayers in various religions and languages are available in text form. There is a library of appropriate poems, famous quotes and eulogies you may like to read.
Turn on Candle light: Certain models have an electronic candle that you can turn on for some selected period of time. You can choose the time, duration, date and frequency.
Post a message: Post a message assocaited with a particular person for others to read.
Your voice is there — for that special moment...

The VoiceVisit™ system is comprised of a small patented solar powered device that can be placed anywhere in the world. The device, which comes in several models, can receive and acknowledge a "phone" call, allowing the caller's voice to be heard at that location.

Unique phone number: Each Voice Visit™ device has a unique phone number and can accept either Wi-Fi or cellular calls.
Candle: The device has a light on top (like a candle) that can be remotely lit.
When you can't be there: This is perfect for gravesites or coma patients, allowing people to make a "Voice Visit™" when they can't be there in person.
Feel Good: This gives people the ability to have their voice present to pay their respects, tell of life events, recite a prayer, or just talk.
Patent: Covers several models to accommodate cemeteries with gravestones, surface plaques, mausoleums, and urn storage facilities. There is also a plug-in model for comatose patients in care facilities.

Voice Visit™ — The business opportunity
This mock web site is meant to introduce and demonstrate the business opportunity offered by Voice Visit™.
This entire business package is available for an individual or company with the wherewithal to take this product and service to market. Voice Visit™ has developed the technology and has a patent pending (USPTO 61/758,402) product, Trade Mark (USPTO #86080730) and Service Mark (USPTO #86080744) as well as web domains and email.
If you would be interested in making this your company, we should talk. Please explore this web site for more detailed information, or contact us using the information on our Contact page.

"Death Ends a Life, Not a Relationship." — Mitch Albom
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